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Other Insurance

At Jack Ray Insurance Agency, we provide numerous insurance policies each offering a different type of coverage. Notably, most Tennessee residents will be faced with liability claims from time to time. Our agency can help by offering motorcycle, boat, renter, RV, mobile home, and umbrella insurance policies for all your insurance needs. Below is an outline of each of these insurance policies.

Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a bike, you will always be at risk of being involved in accidents which can lead to massive financial liabilities. As such, it is vital to have the right coverage in place to ensure that all possible liability claims are covered. In some instances, an accident can lead to severe injuries or fatalities, and as a result, you will need to settle hefty medical and legal fees which can force you to sell your bike and other personal property. After purchasing this policy, the risk of losing your motorcycle in the name of settling liability claims will be significantly reduced. This insurance can also replace property and your bike.

Boat Insurance

High waters can be very turbulent in some occasions, and this can make your boat capsize causing bodily harm and boat damage. Without a boat insurance policy, you might find it hard to repair or replace a damaged watercraft. However, with our boat insurance policy, you will have a peace of mind since your vessel, and the crew will be protected by the coverage. Policies can include collision, liability, comprehensive, and more.

RV Insurance

Considering that RVs are always in transit, accidents are possible to occur which can lead to massive loss of property or injury. With our Recreational Vehicle insurance policy, your liability claims will be adequately catered for and the belongings and well being of you and your passengers can be covered as well.

Renters Insurance

Even if you are a tenant, it is important to have a proper insurance coverage in place to ensure that your furniture and home equipment are safe in case of any eventuality. Notably, your landlord is not liable for damages sustained to your personal property when staying in their premises which is why you should purchase our renters policy.

Mobile Home Insurance

A mobile home insurance policy is crucial since it protects you from financial loss in case of damages during the transportation of the fabricated house. Also since mobile homes lack a strong foundation, it is advisable to have this policy in place in case the house is swept away by tornadoes or weather.

Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy comes in handy whenever a liability claim exceeds the coverage limits of your primary policy. According to Jack Ray Insurance Agency, it is advisable to purchase this coverage, mainly if you reside in high-risk areas around Tennessee.

Reach out to our offices to learn more about the details of our policies, and speak with an agent to have your questions answered. We can provide you with quotes and get you started right away.

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