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What we offer

Jack Ray Insurance Agency

We are a full-service insurance agency that specializes in insurance products offering a professional program tailored to the needs of Tennessee's residents. Each client is introduced to an insurance agent who will provide information on all our products. The agent can also work with you to help determine what policies will meet your needs and provide suggestions on ways to get the most out of your insurance.

What Does Our Agency Offer?

Our full line of business includes auto, commercial, home, flood, and life insurance. Each of the lines of business has multiple parts, and we also deal in specialty insurance which includes boats, motorcycles, RV, renters, mobile home, and umbrella policies. Please call us for a quote or try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance.

Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy is also offered which provides extra protection or extra liability when the limits of the original policies have been exceeded by medical injury, personal loss, and property damages related to an incident that results in loss and all the legal fees, expenses, and any judgments found against the insured. You must have other policies in place before acquiring umbrella insurance.

Our agency is reliable and competitive with other Tennessee agencies. Jack Ray Insurance Agency agents are experts in the field of insurance and can work with you to tailor a policy that fits your needs. Our agents treat our clients as friends and offer you the best insurance protection for your business and your family. Our goal is to help our clients to make the right choices to fit your individual needs. We encourage you to visit our website and check out our online rating tool for a quote on home and auto insurance policies. For all other quotes, please come to our office and meet with one of our agents. Contact us to have your questions answered and learn how to start a policy right away.